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Zena Grant

Family and local history researcher



Part of Symonson's Map of Kent 1596


What I offer

My charges

In genealogy it's impossible to predict how much it will cost to research an entire family. So much depends on what documents have survived and how mobile your ancestors were. A family resident in one village for a hundred years is likely to be easier to trace than a family which moved around a lot. But if the parish registers were poorly kept, or if the more mobile family left informative wills, the position would be reversed. There are no hard and fast rules.

My service

It's usual for a client to lay out an initial sum for at least two hours' research and reporting. When you receive your report you can decide whether or not to continue. With large commissions I report to you regularly on progress, but two hours is the minimum I can work with. Payment is always in advance, and if any money remains when the research project is finished I refund it less any currency transfer costs.

Please contact me to discuss what stage your research is at and what help you'd like initially. I will get back to you very shortly and we can take things from there.

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